Lightforce Hand Held Spotlamps


Lightforce Hand Held Spotlamps

Internationally recognized, the computer designed parabolic reflector and lightweight ergonomic design delivers a spotlight that is unequalled in light output, quality, durability and user comfort.

Lightforce produces a wide range of lights, designed to enhance any situation that requires superior portable lighting that will not let you down. Typical uses include hunting, fishing, boating, camping, security, military and police, surveillance and the observation of nocturnal animals.


  • Plug & Play AMP connector for interchangeable power and mounting options.
  • Ideal long distance performance light
  • 12V 100 watt halogen bulb
  • Lightweight polycarbonate, glass filled nylon composite construction



Halogens produce broad spectrum light in warm, orange hues, rather than the narrow and cold blue-to-white colours of other light types.

  •  Longer observation – Most creatures are far less restless under a halogen beam, because the light is less intense, visible and harsh on their eyes
  •  Optimal light retention – Even a low wattage halogen is much brighter when using warm coloured filters than most LED or HID
  •  Superior differentiation – Halogens have higher contrast, which increases depth perception and penetration
  •  Quicker identification – Unlike HID and LED light, halogens highlight fur colour and produce a bright red eye shine.
  • Available in standard 170 or 240 models or as a smart pack with Red and Green filters and additional Alligator Lead.
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140, 170, 240, 170 Smart Bundle, 240 Smart Bundle