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Over the years, this lure has made himself a place in the boxes many fishermen at sea on our shores or in the tropics, well before the arrival of Japanese models in our market. Evolving under the surface, Mister Joe 105S – 120S – 150S is quite efficient to face predators who are content to follow the floating stickbait without attacking. To select the depth to which you want to change, you simply let it sink and begin the recovery when it reaches the desired depth. From the first casts, you will find that if specific swimming Mister Joe 105S – 120S – 150S is particularly easy to implement, thanks to some twitches, it is easy to make the most of this great lure .

This new version is entirely composed of a through-frame reinforced stainless steel (full wire) allowing him to face the fiercest predators. The big “Eye” signal is extremely pronounced represents a real target for predators and greatly improves their performance to target this lure!

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Aurora Black


12.5g, 23g