Shimano Nasci


Shimano Nasci

The elegant body in grey design impresses with subtle chrome accents and fits perfectly into the modern look of the latest generation of Shimano fishing reels. A reliable range of spinning reels for all anglers looking for a mid-price reel. In use, the unmistakable strength and longevity of the Hagane Gear and the smoothness of the X-SHIP with lots of cranking power are immediately noticeable when the rotor starts to turn with a quiet, almost noiseless hum. A convincing performance that one does not expect from a fishing reel in this price segment. The NASCI spinning reels offer a wide range of impressive and proven technologies, including HAGANE Gear, X-SHIP, Coreprotect (on line rollers according to IPX4), G Free Body (made of lightweight CI4 + material), AR-C spool design and S A-RB ball bearings . In addition, there is the breathtaking design in a modern look, which can compete with any high-end fishing reel.

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500, 1000, 2500